Sabra Hummus Commercials 4

The actor doing the voice over in the Sabra Hummus commercials is:

Jeffrey Tambor Sabra Hummus Commercials
Jeffrey Tambor
Jeffrey Tambor IMDB

Jeffrey Tambor has acted in many movie and television roles. Recently Jeffrey has been in The Hangover movies as Sid Garner (Alan’s father) as well as the television series The Good Wife and Archer. Perhaps his most well-known role is that of George Bluth Sr. from the critically acclaimed Arrested Development.




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  • ladygoodman884

    I knew it!
    “Quit licking my hand, you horse’s a**!”

    • VSanity

      I love Arrested Development 🙂

  • Gene Parmisan

    How many times I gotta tell this kid chicken wings

  • Delaware Good Guy

    Is that Olivia Munn as the dipper at the end of the spot?